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Pick Up and Delivery in and around Rockford

Laundry pickup and delivery is the ultimate in laundry services. When you utilize our mobile laundry service we will come to you. We will pick up your laundry from your home or business and bring it back to our laundromat. We have industrial machines and expert launderers who will take care of your clothes like they were their own. We will wash, dry and neatly fold your clothes for you and take them back to you the next day. 

Scheduling a Pickup

  1. Click on "Schedule a Pickup"
  2. Input your information, including when you want your laundry delivery service
  3. Have your laundry ready for when the driver arrives

Our laundry delivery service near Rockford is available Monday - Sunday and you get your clean clothes back in 24 hours. Happy Life's pickup laundry service is only $2.00/lb. if you sign up for weekly or biweekly service. If you don't want to be on a regular schedule and only want to use our service from time to time it is $2.50/lb. There is a 10 pound minimum order. 

Use our laundry pick up and delivery near Rockford and give yourself the best gift - the gift of time. 

Pickup &
Delivery Service
Per Pound

**10/lb. Minimum Order

Pickup &
Delivery Service
(As Needed)
Per Pound

**10/lbs. Minimum Order


Sign up for recurring pickup and delivery service and get your next week for FREE! Just place your first order and the next order is FREE!